Our fragrant and refreshing body misting spritzers are great after a shower or bath or as a refreshing “spritz” any time of the day or night! Comes in 6 different scents.


Vibrant - A zesty blend of orange, neroli, peppermint & birch.

Sensual - A sultry blend of lavender, vanilla, patchouli & ylang ylang.

Mystical - An enigmatic blend of neroli, sandalwood & champa.

Subtle - A delicate blend of rose geranium, ylang ylang & lavender.

Lively - A sweet, bold blend of lime, lemon, vanilla & lavender.

Alluring - An exotic, enticing blend of cardamom & vanilla.

Ingredients: organic essential oils combined with certified organic floral hydrosols, organic Hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel), organic Aloe vera, organic vegetable glycerin and eco-cert natural preservative.



Body Spritzers